Thursday, November 11, 2010

Staghorn Fern or Tanduk Rusa in Malaysia

Staghorn Fern or Tanduk Rusa in Malay is found throughout Malaysia and Southeast Asia. These beautiful ferns are  usually found in nurseries through the country and most of the time priced anywhere from RM20 to RM150 depending on the size and breed. 

The Staghorn Fern is also cultivated and mass produced for sale so you need to be sure which type you are interested in. When you see them growing in plastic pots, those are the cultivated ones which cost around RM8 to RM15 a pot at your local nursery. 

I have had this fascination with these plants for over 10 years now and seen them go through all kinds of tragic endings. Maybe my fingers are not green enough? Anyway, in the last few years, I managed to make my own little nursery with a netted cover to grow some of the rare species I got. So far, they have proven to be great while they are all healthy. Some of them have fronds growing over 4 feet in length too!

Apart from the common type, there is also the rare Tanduk Kijang Staghorn Fern in Malaysia. Where do you get some of the unique Staghorn Ferns in Malaysia? Follow my flora and plants blog to find out more information. I will be including tips and information on these unique plants with emphasis of the Staghorn Fern or Tanduk Rusa in Malaysia.

Thursday, November 11, 2010 by David Jr · 8