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Monday, September 5, 2011

Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Sabah Malaysia

Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Sabah Malaysia. This picture was taken at the Rainforest Discovery Center (RDC) in Sepilok, Sandakan. Growing freely on one of the trees here, I was attending the Borneo Bird Watching Festival when I noticed the Platycerium Ridleyii or Tanduk Kijang as it is locally known. Usually I just see the common Staghorn Fern Platycerium (Tanduk Rusa) around. The local name comes from the deer species as the fern looks like the deers antlers according to Malaysians. Once there used to be a dealer for staghorns in the outskirts of the city but since these ferns are hard to maintain, he eventually stopped selling them. 

These days, you can buy staghorn ferns in Malaysia from the local indigenous people along some of the trunk roads and this is seasonal. But bare in mind that some of the rare species are hard to maintain so much research and care needs to be put into looking after these species. If you like these kind of plants, you can find a number of the Staghorn Fern Tanduk Kijang in Sabah Malaysia.

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