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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Tali Kasut or Shoe String Fern (Square)

Tali Kasut or Shoe String Fern is one of the rare species of Lycopodium found around Malaysia. This particular species was bought around Terengganu along the trunk roads from a local villager who sold many types of this species. I was quite thrilled to encounter such a rare species like this in good condition. The vendor also had re-potted the paku pakis tali kasut (Shoe String Fern) carefully while young baby shoots were seen sprouting. Price for this fern I paid back in 2005 was about RM30 a pot. These days, I hardly see any of these types around too.

Among the many types of ferns I collect, some of my favorites are the Ekor Kuching Fern, Tanduk Kijang Fern and Staghorn Fern or Tanduk Rusa. If you travel to the East Coast of Malaysia and want to find plants like these, you need to use the old roads. Best time is around morning till late afternoons. The plant I bought grew for about 5 years and when I left overseas, it was not cared for and eventually died. As I travel frequently nowadays, I am now looking for more of this Tali Kasut or Shoe String Fern.

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GardenCentre said...
May 25, 2012 at 8:55 PM

That thing is serious! I would put it smack into the middle of my edibles garden so there would be some structure there instead of just a big odd space! Gosh, it's really beautiful.

Garden Centre Bideford

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